About Us

The Real Estate Branch of Grupo Simán

Inversiones SIMCO, which stands for Siman Company, is the real estate branch of Simán Group, corporate conglomerate founded in 1921 by José J. Simán and Natalia Jacir de Simán. The early begginings of the group consisted of a small fabric sale space at the Mercado Central, the downtown local market of San Salvador. Ninety seven years later, after having diversified and expanded beyond salvadoran borders, the group has diversified into industrial, comercial, distribution, financial, and real estate businesses in more than 25 countries. Since its foundation in the year 1959, Inversiones SIMCO has developed residential spaces, apartments, office spaces, distribution centers and warehouses, commercial plazas and shopping centers.

International Portfolio

In El Salvador Inversiones SIMCO developed and administrates Galerías Mall, the first enclosed mall in the country, Plaza Centro, Plaza Santo Tomás and several proyects in the United States and the Caribbean. Additionally, SIMCO has a prominent portfolio of properties under development, such as Brisas de San José and Millennium Plaza, the latter being the largest and most important mixed-use project in the country.

Transforming Cities

Inversiones SIMCO continues to consolidate in the region, aiming for innopvative proyects which transform entire cities and maximize the return of the investments, becoming a major source of employment and a driving force of dynamism for the region.

Mission Statement

To develop and administrate, in an effective and sustainable manner, a growing real estate portfolio, maximizing the return of investment to our shareholders and the communities that we create.

Vision Statement

To manage a growing real estate portfolio with our renowned ability to respond to new opportunities, being ethically conscious and respectful towards the environment, our investors, contractors, employees and customers.

Corporate Responsibility

One of the company´s core priorities consists of maintaining a sustainable corporate responsibility program, which supports employees to improve their quality of life and their families´. 

Each program is designed to have a positive impact in communities in which the company has its properties and developments, enhancing its surroundings from a social, economic and ecologic point of view. 

Committed to preserve and care for the environment, every project is operated striving for energy savings and efficiency, as well as recycling. Additionally, future developments under construction have been designed to meet world- class environmental standards.